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Love is Blind Cause for Paws Cast Feature: Lydia and Milton

We are one month out from the Love is Blind Cause for Paws Trivia Fundraiser. The event takes place on Saturday, July 27th, 2024 at 8:30am PST/11:30am EST. Teams from all seasons of Love is Blind will compete in a trivia battle to fundraise for the winning team's pet rescue. You can get your tickets and find out more here.

In honor of our fantastic cast donating their time to support local pet rescues, we wanted to take a look at what they've been up to since their season ended. We're starting with our one of our featured couples, Lydia and Milton from season 5, Houston.

About Lydia and Milton

Lydia and Milton were on Season 5 of Love is Blind, which took place in Houston, TX. They bonded over their shared values and mutual love of geology. Lydia is a geologist and Milton is a petroleum engineer working on his second Master's degree. He will complete his MBA in early 2025.

Lydia and Milton are currently in a long distance relationship, with Lydia based in their hometown of Houston, while Milton is currently in Long Beach, CA finishing grad school. Lydia's company has an office near Milton's graduate school, so the two are able to coordinate visits often.

They were the only couple from their season to tie the knot, and celebrated their two year anniversary in May 2024.


In addition to their Love is Blind wedding, Lydia and Milton had a second ceremony and reception in Lydia's home, Puerto Rico.

Love is Blind's Lydia black and white photo from her modeling portfolio
Lydia Velez-Gonzalez

What Lydia Velez-Gonzalez is Up to

In addition to working in the geology field, Lydia is also a model and influencer. She has a beautiful portfolio and style recommendations on her LTK shop and Shop My pages.

She has partnerships with brands including CoverGirl and Shein. Alongside Amy from Love is Blind season 6, Lydia hosted a meetup event in Houston. Many other Netflix reality cast members also attended. Lydia will also be appearing at the Spoiled Latina Summit in August in Cypress, TX.

Follow Lydia on Instagram, TikTok or book a Cameo from her.

What James Milton Johnson IV is Up to

Milton keeps a lower profile, but you can stilll see him at Netflix events and doing some influencer partnerships alongside his wife. They are currently hosting a giveaway with the Onera resort in Fredericksburg, TX.

He also keeps up his Pokemon collection and is an avid hiker. Follow Milton on Instagram, TikTok or book a Cameo from him.

About the Love is Blind Cause for Paws Trivia Event

Teams from all six seasons of Love is Blind will compete in trivia to fundraise for a pet charity near them. In addition to trivia, we will have a Cameo and fan merch raffle, and a VIP cast meet and greet.

The event is Saturday, July 27th at 8:30am PST/ 11:30am EST. You can get your free tickets, make a donation or upgrade to VIP at

Who else do you want to see play trivia?

The cast flyer for the Love is Blind Cause for Paws trivia fundraiser event. 16 cast members will play trivia, with 3 donating Cameos and more on the way. More info at
Love is Blind Cause for Paws Trivia Fundraiser


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