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“Dating is challenging. I have a TBI [traumatic brain injury], and that can be difficult for a lot of people to adjust to on dates,” said Dina Riccobono, 36, who founded another “Love Is Blind” Facebook fan group, and started a podcast called The LovePod, which grew out of instant friendships formed there. “I wish that more people would judge personality first. Dating apps are awful and we’ve got to find better ways to connect. So that’s what drew me to it.” Article by Amelia Harnish

Amber Pike from Season 1 of Love is Blind

While their love was just as real as everyone else's — apparently they even cooked for one another in the pods, per The Love Pod podcast — it was just a tad more blind. As in, even we couldn't see it. Season 2, perhaps? *side-eyes emoji* Article by Kathryn Lindsay

Danielle Drouin and Giannina Gibelli, Love is Blind Season 1 on Netflix

ovePod Podcast is a reality TV podcast that recaps your favorite dating and competition shows with the stars themselves.

Guests like House of Villains and Survivor star Jonny Fairplay, Love is Blind’s Shake and Nick, you just never know who will join the Pod Squad.

They also have weekly reality TV news, spoilers and casting updates in 5 minute Love Bytes each week.

The hosts say they love reality tv, love love and most of all, love their listeners for tuning in!

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Dina Riccobono and Jordan Wright. They and their team shared their story with us below:

At the outset of the pandemic, there were two hot new Netflix shows keeping everyone entertained: Tiger King and Love is Blind. Love is Blind interested us from the outset. While both were an excellent distraction, Love is Blind really had staying power. 

Love is Blind Journal from the LovePod Reality TV Etsy Store: The FBI Works Hard, but Love is Blind Fans Work Harder
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