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The Real Story Behind Love is Blind’s Biggest Villains - Part 1

Updated: Jun 3

The Real Story Behind Love is Blind’s Villains Part 1

Being all about reality TV, we hear, see and experience a lot as fans and behind the scenes. When House of Villains premiered, we spent a whole season “in our villain era” recapping the show and interviewing some of the Supervillains about their reputations experiences on reality tv. 

Since we have a unique glimpse into the personalities beyond the Love is Blind story lines and relationships, we wanted to spill the tea on what we really think of Netflix’s biggest villains. 

Love is Blind Villains, seasons 1-3 Damian Powers, Shake Chatterjee and SK Algabada
Love is Blind's Damian Powers, Shake Chatterjee and SK Algabada

Love is Blind Season 1 - Damian Powers

Why he was a show villain

Damian famously said no to Giannina Gibelli at the altar, prompting her to run out of the ceremony and take a spill on her way out of heartbreak. 

Their relationship was already rocky, and his no seemed to be a complete shock to Giannnina - and most of us as well. Regardless of what they’d been through, there was clearly genuine love there. Post show, his press tour and appearance on Perfect Match didn’t show him in the best light either. His on and again off again situationship with Too Hot to Handle and Perfect Match Francesca Farago certainly didn’t win the hearts or minds of fans. 

Our experience with Damian

Now there were certainly a few cast members that got the villain edit, we have only interacted with Damian directly and one cast member we had an awful experience with that you can probably guess, but I’m not going to name names because we aren’t at lawyer on retainer status. 

Back to Damian - even before Love is Blind premiered, I knew it was going to be something exciting. We launched The LovePod 3 days after the first episode aired, and I had already reached out to the cast for interviews and to chat with our Facebook group. Damian was one of the first to jump on board. While we haven’t interviewed him yet (we’re waiting Damian), he offered some merch to give away to the fan community. He has always been kind and responsive to our messages. 

Love is Blind Season 2 - Shake Chatterjee

Why he was a Love is Blind villain

Listen, we hear you. Don’t go on a show called Love is Blind if you know for a fact that it’s not for you. Shake’s catch phrase, love is blurry, definitely made his time on the show clear that fans were not here for his treatment of Deepti. From clearly not being into her to having a reservation at Nobu right after the wedding, Shake was #1 villain of season 2. 

Our experience with Shake

Admittedly, I also wasn’t Shake’s #1 fan before meeting him online. If you haven’t seen House of Villains yet, it’s absolutely worth a watch. Hosted by Joel McHale with a lineup of some of reality TV’s biggest villains including Survivor’s Jonny Fairplay, The Apprentice’s Omarosa and The Challenge King of the Rings Johnny Bananas. You see a new, playful perspective of cast you love to hate. Shake is no exception. He was so out of his league catching up with cut throat competition show cast members, no one thought he’d last long. But ***SPOILER ALERT***

He made it to the finals! And I was so happy he did. We saw a whole new side of Shake and he won me over. 

Chatting with him was no different. He was one of the first to sign on for an interview, was completely open and honest about his experience on both shows, and spilled some of the most piping hot tea we’ve had in the history of the podcast. If you haven’t listened to the interview, it is well worth checking out. 

Shake is always quick to answer my completely irrelevant DMs and open to chat about puppies, Chili’s, or whatever silly thing reminds me of him I just had to share. Oh yeah, speaking of puppies, he saves them. And cats etc etc. Can’t forget that in the pros category. 

Not convinced yet? Shake was also one of the first to jump on board supporting our Love is Blind Battle of the Seasons by donating a Cameo to one lucky fan. We are incredibly grateful to him, as well as all the cast representing every season of the show for joining us to raise money for pet rescues. 

The Battle takes place on Saturday, July 27th, 2024 at 8:30am PT and includes a game show, cast Q&A and raffle prizes from the cast and show, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do it before they sell out!

Shake joins the LovePod Squad and spills the tea here.

Love is Blind Season 3’s SK Algabada

Now there were arguably quite a few villains this season, but I can only speak to my personal experience so this is just about cast we’ve interacted with.

Why he was a Love is Blind villain

SK proposed to the gorgeous fitness forward Raven Ross. At first, Raven did not appear to be interested in the process. You may remember her doing some jumping jacks and squats while Bartise Bowden bared his heart to her. So, not off to a great start. 

As the season went on, we saw Raven’s softer side as she partnered with SK and was 100% devoted to him. Her relationship with his family and how she handled the no at the altar was very sweet, and far from the person we thought we were getting from her pod dates. 

Now, on to SK. We thought he was great! A good match! Let’s get them hitched! When the truth came to light about his extracurricular activities with other women, the tides turned and I could not think of a great way to paint a different picture. What could show editing possibly have to do with his behavior well after the show aired when the couple tried to continue to make it work long distance? Hard to justify. 

Our experience with SK

While I like to think I’m a kind person, I’ve definitely had my share of rocky relationship decisions so I understand it’s not always black and white and people are dynamic and flawed. To be fair, I’ve never cheated, but I admittedly ghosted a relationship at a very bad time in my then-boyfriend’s life due to some shallow reasons. In my defense, even though it’s really not all that defensible, his mom hated me anyway. Sorry Kevin!

OK, enough about me, back to SK. When we first started putting calls out for Battle of the Seasons, SK was so enthusiastic he signed on to participate right away. Regardless of what we think about his ability to be faithful in a relationship, he’s certainly been faithful in supporting the pod. 

And for those who are saying “but you’re media, of course the cast is going to be nice”, let me tell you, we are little peanuts in the podcast world. We aren’t at any kind of Out of the Pods level where being kind would give the cast some huge platform to launch. They are genuinely kind and generous with their time from the bottom of the hearts. So thank you to SK for being so supportive too! Stay tuned for part 2 of our Love is Blind villain breakdown, where we reveal our season 4-6 villains. 

Who else do you want to see on the pod? Let us know in the comments.

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