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The Real Story Behind Love is Blind’s Biggest Villains - Part 2

The Real Story Behind Love is Blind’s Biggest Villains - Part 2

This is part 2 of our deep dive into our experience with Love is Blind villains we’ve met online and our experience with them. Since we have a unique glimpse into the personalities beyond the Love is Blind story lines and relationships, we wanted to spill the tea on what we really think of Netflix’s biggest villains. 

Kwame Appiah, Chris Fox and Jeramey Lutinski from Love is Blind - The Villain Edit
Kwame Appiah, Chris Fox and Jeramey Lutinski from Love is Blind

Kwame Appiah - Love is Blind Season 4

Why he was a show villain

Hopefully now that they’ve celebrated their 2nd? wedding anniversary, you’ve become a fan of Kwame and Chelsea Griffin-Appiah. If not, you should be. They’re adorable. 

What wasn’t so adorable was Kwame’s flirtation with Micah right in front of his fiancee! Now sure, Micah is gorgeous, but hellooooooo - you’re on a show called Love is Blind. And might I say, Chelsea is just as stunning. Did you SEE that photo shoot? Daymmmnnn girl! So yeah, he didn’t have a great look on the show. 

Our experience with Kwame

I wish we got to see the humorous side of Kwame on the show. He is HILARIOUS and so engaging with fans on Twitter. While he doesn’t stop by often, he has such a good outlook on his bad guy reputation and will reply directly to the criticism with kindness and a sense of humor. 

This also might be a unique take, but everyone has something different to offer. Influencers are famously tight-lipped about what makes them so successful, but Kwame takes the opposite approach. He is the co-host of the Beyond Influence podcast with Later Media’s Scott Sutton. The podcast is all about sharing their tips for success in building an influencer career. 

Let’s not forget that Mr. “Seattle, Lamar Odom with Michael Jordan prices” (tote available here), relocated for Chelsea and is now one of Seattle’s biggest cheerleaders. If that’s not a complete 180, we don’t know what is. 

Love is Blind Season 5 - Chris Fox

Why he was a Love is Blind villain

It may have taken until the After the Altar special, but when Johnie Marist spilled the tea about Chris ghosting her for another woman, that angel edit during his love triangle with Johnie and her other pod love Izzy Zapata sure knocked the halo off his head quickly. 

He went from show favorite to villain faster than you could say OBVIOUSLY, I’m Nick Lachey. This is another instance of what makes a good partner and a good person are not mutually exclusive. So, here’s our experience with our pod bestie Chris. 

Our experience with Chris

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t ghosted in the past. Be honest - really honest - if you’ve dated, you’ve probably done it too. Breakups are uncomfortable. They suck. And some of us just would rather fade away than go through that awkward conversation, especially if you haven’t been dating long. Like I said earlier, I’m no saint either. 

But it’s not. About. Me. This is our ode to Chris. He already knows we love him, but if I was a lawyer, I’d be on his defense in a heartbeat. Chris truly feels like a friend from the moment you meet him. Knowing he’d take heat from the fan base, he still graciously came on the show, took fan questions and tolerated our teasing. 

Chris also continues to support the show and check in not only with us, but other fans for no reason other than his genuine interest in everyone’s well being and out of kindness. 

When we were kicking around the idea for a charity event to fundraise for pets in need, he was the first on board and to encourage us to go for it. 

He is participating in every aspect of Love is Blind Battle of the Seasons. He’s going to be part of the game show, he’s participating in the fan Q&A and donating a cameo for our raffle. He’s even creating his own team which let me tell you, is one of the hardest parts of putting this whole event together. Have you tried to get your DMs through to the cast? They all go to that stupid hidden chat that some people don’t even know to check. Not to mention they get thousands of DMs and who has time to read them all?

So to us, and it should be to you too, Chris is tops in our book. Speaking of books, he was also the only one to willingly share what he wrote in his date journal from the pods. Who knows, maybe it will go up on the raffle block. What do you think, bud?

The Battle takes place on Saturday, July 27th, 2024 at 8:30am PT and includes a game show, cast Q&A and raffle prizes from the cast and show, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do it before they sell out!

Love is Blind Season 6 - Jeramey Lutinski

Don’t @ me, I said what I said. 

Why he was a Love is Blind villain

Oof. This was a hard one to watch. The DM from Sarah Ann, the meet up at Lost and Found, and staying out til 5am with her while his fiancee Laura Dadisman waited up wondering where he was…or possibly not. Regardless, he was not where he should be. 

So yeah, not a great look. And while I’ve shared some less than stellar personal dating behavior with you guys, I’ve never been this bad. Correct me if I’m wrong, exes. I may be a train wreck, but I definitely have never pulled off anything quite like this. 

And Jeramey knows we do not condone his behavior at all. Anything I say about the cast, I will say to their face if given the opportunity. Some of you haven’t given me it, but I’m persistent and it’s only a matter of time. I digress - this is about Jeramey. 

Our experience with Jeramey

I did not expect to get any kind of response from Jeramey, let alone taking the hot seat in our fan AMA (that’s ask me anything for those not on reddit), and be such a good sport about it. 

It doesn’t stop there either. Jeramey is one of our biggest supporters. He’s happy to chat, been a true friend to the pod, and is one of the cast members who consistently pops in to watch our lives and listen to the show. The cast does not have to do this. There is no benefit, no one but us know he’s there unless we announce it during the live, he is just genuinely supportive of the show. He has graciously connected with some of our friends newer to the podcast space too - shout out to Angelina from Beyond the Final Cut pod who talks to reality stars about the impact filming had on their mental health. Check out her pod here and look out for that upcoming interview with Jeramey. 

He also takes all the criticism very well, and isn’t using his reality TV level fame for any kind of monetary benefit. No shade to those that do, but we all know how we feel about cast who go on the show as a platform for an influencer career instead of genuine love. 

I’ll spill some tea about interviewing cast - a lot of the more well known cast members want appearance fees. Whether it’s for an interview, or for the charity event. I mean, get that bag guys, but if we paid everyone for showing up, it wouldn’t be a fundraiser. Jeramey is not that guy. All his participation and willingness to take the heat is 100% free. As a no budget podcast, we thank all the cast who support us. 

We might also see Jeramey team up with some other cast members for our virtual charity event. No pressure though, Jeramey. 

Another shameless plug, the Love is Blind Battle of the Seasons takes place on Saturday, July 27th, 2024 at 8:30am PT and includes a game show, cast Q&A and raffle prizes from the cast and show, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do it before they sell out!

Which season do you hope wins the pot for their pet charity of choice?

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